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Found 6 results

  1. We know who’s been naughty now, thanks to Blizzard’s new website outing Overwatch pros for violating the Overwatch League’s rules and code of conduct. The Overwatch League’s “discipline tracker” is a public list of players who broke league rules, such as by boosting other people’s accounts or being toxic. Next to their infractions, Blizzard lists the punishment due to them. Today is the tracker’s first day online and, already, seven pros have received suspensions or fines before the next season has even started: The Overwatch League previously released single posts when a player had done something bad. Now, there’s an official catalogue of evil deeds! Blizzard’s post introducing the tracker reads: This isn’t totally outlandish for sports—both the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) detail participant suspensions for doping and the like. But in esports, which is still on its path toward mainstream legitimacy, Blizzard’s list seems ahead of its time. Gaming in front of a huge audience might be many pros’ first job. A lot of them were grinding out their skill rating in LAN cafes and their parents’ houses before they made it big. The responsibility to behave on par with their level of fame may be hard for pros to metabolize at first—but, hey, nothing like a little public shaming to put them in the mindset. - Source: Kotaku via Cecilia D'Anastasio
  2. The ability to purchase loot boxes for real money in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm will soon be disabled in Belgium and The Netherlands. To comply with the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC), Blizzard has announced it will no longer sell loot boxes for real money in the country for Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm. Players will still be able to purchase the crates using in-game currency earned through playtime. The BGC declared randomized loot boxes in games were to be considered gambling back in April. The government body specifically called out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In May, it recommended to the Belgian minister of justice publishers of games with loot boxes should be prosecuted. Blizzard said on the Overwatch forums it was “surprised” over loot boxes being equated with gambling, and it does not “share the same opinion.” In the end, it decided to “comply with their interpretation of Belgian law.” A date for when the changes will go into effect has not been provided, but will be “implemented shortly.” The above text was taken from vg247.com
  3. Soo, season 11 is over. How did you rank? Leave a comment if you ranked lower or higher than your initial placement.
  4. You may have seen someone type “C9” or “C9 LUL” in chat after a lost point, and you might be wondering what that means. C9 is when the fight is won but they lose the point anyway due to getting off of it or not having anyone on it in the first place because they were overcommitting to the fight and not committing to the point itself. Cloud 9 (NA) did this 3 TIMES in one pro match vs AFB. Most famous one is where they all ran off the point because a D.Va self destruct and lost it. They had a Winston. Below is the match where the C9 meme originated and the timestamps. 21:23 24:50 1:09:23 C9 has evolved into a term for getting off the point in overtime or giving away a free capture. Usually for stupid reasons. This next one is a C9 from pro team Immortals (now LA Valiant). It’s frankly beautiful to watch the perfect coordination of D.Va and Winston both getting off the payload at the same time. https://clips.twitch.tv/CooperativeFastBoarBatChest This one (vs. C9 EU) was from GamersOrigin, they got off the point in overtime because they were scared of a Sombra EMP. The above text was copied from Battle.net
  5. What is GOATS comp? Basically three tanks, three support (Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Brigitte, Moira, and Lucio). You run straight into the enemy team and focus one person, most likely healer and then wipe them. You can also run four tank and two support (Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Winston, Moira, and Lucio).
  6. What is GOATS comp? Basically three tanks, three support. You run straight into the enemy team and focus one person, most likely healer and then wipe them. You can also run four tank and two support. Goat comp must have Lucio and Moira (Brig if three support).
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