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Found 15 results

  1. Oldassgeek

    wandering albatross

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Measuring from 8.3 ft to 11 ft, Wandering albatross has largest wingspan of any bird. This large, beautiful bird is native to Southern and North Pacific ocean. There are 24 different species of albatross in total. Weighing up to 12 kg, wandering albatross is biggest among the family.
  2. Oldassgeek

    mute swan

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Mute swan is a large water bird that grows up to a size of 5 feet and weighs between 12 and 13 kg. They are native to European countries. The cute ‘S’ necked mute swans also have a wingspan of 8 ft. They feed on aquatic vegetation, insects, and small fishes. The long neck helps mute swabs to find food quickly under the water surface.
  3. Oldassgeek

    DALMATIAN Pelican

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Dalmatian Pelican is one of the heaviest flying bird in the world. They are native to Europe and South Asia. This large bird grows up to a length of 6 ft. and weigh between 12 and 14 kg. The wingspan of an adult Dalmatian pelican measures up to 9 ft. They look exactly like great white pelicans. But Dalmatian pelicans are larger.
  4. Oldassgeek

    Andean condor

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Andean condor is one of the members of the vulture family. This large bird found in the Andes mountains and South American coasts. They grow up to a height of 1.2 meters and weigh up to 15 kilograms. The enormous, 10 feet wingspan also reflect Andean condor’s size. This large wingspan also aids to make the flight with their massive body.
  5. Oldassgeek

    kori bustard

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Weighing up to 20 kg, kori bustard is the largest flying bird in the world, native to Africa. Male kori bustard is two times much heavier than the female. This 4 ft. Long bird has a wide wingspan that measures up to 9 ft.
  6. Oldassgeek

    greater rhea

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    The flightless great rhea is the largest bird of South America. They have a body length between 4.1 ft and 4.5 ft and weigh up to 27 kg. The large wings of greater rheas are useless for flying. But they use those big wings for balancing their body while moving. The wings also help them to change direction while running.
  7. Oldassgeek

    Emperor Penguin

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Emperor penguins are the tallest and heaviest species of penguin. They only can be seen in Antarctica. Emperor penguins can stand up to a height of 45 inches and weigh up to 45 kg. They travel up to 80 km in searching for food and can dive up to a depth of 1500 ft. Emperor penguins mainly feed on fishes, squids, and krills.
  8. Oldassgeek


    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Emu is the largest flightless bird of Australia. They stand up to a height of 6 ft. and weighs up to 60 kg. They live in the savannas, woodlands and other forest ranges of Australia. Emus feed on plants, seeds, fruits, lizards and other insects. Interestingly, emus also swallow pebbles for grilling the food they ate.
  9. Oldassgeek

    southern cassowary

    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Native to tropical rain forests of Indonesia and Australia, the Southern Cassowary is the second largest bird in the world. This large, dark flightless bird measures 5.1 feet in height and 75 to 80 kg in weight. Their bills also have a length up to 7.5 inches.
  10. Oldassgeek


    From the album: Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

    Ostrich is the largest living bird in the world. An adult ostrich weighs up to 150 kilograms and has a maximum height of 6 feet. They also held the record for the fastest speed of any bird in the land and largest egg of any living birds. With strong legs, ostriches can run up to a maximum speed of 70 kmph.The flightless ostriches are native to Africa.
  11. Thelappie

    Seagull - 2634x1482

  12. Thelappie

    Bald Eagle - 1920x1080

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