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  1. Oldassgeek

    X-Com 1 and 2 Pack

    These can be replayed forever... Great package, thanks.
  2. Oldassgeek

    Rage of Mages 2

    Great game!
  3. Oldassgeek

    Fallout 2

    Still one of the best games ever to date.
  4. Oldassgeek

    Bureau 13

    Used to play this in school ?
  5. Oldassgeek

    Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion

    I live again! I have so many memories from this.
  6. Oldassgeek

    windows Dark Colony

    This is such a good game. Played this for hours.
  7. Oldassgeek

    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher

    Great game if you like the Riddick story.
  8. Oldassgeek

    Grand Theft Auto 2

    This is so fun in multiplayer!
  9. Oldassgeek

    Grand Theft Auto

    I remember when this was released. So much controversy, now one of the best selling series ever ?
  10. Oldassgeek

    Full Throttle

    Here poochie pooch, pooch.
  11. Oldassgeek

    Star Wars: Yoda Stories

    Such a good little game.
  12. Oldassgeek

    windows Submarine Titans

    This was one of the first RTS games I actually completed.
  13. Oldassgeek


    This game is... EPIC! So fun, so much blood, so many explosions!
  14. Oldassgeek

    Terminator: Future Shock

    Shouldn't this be in "Shooter" category?