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  • How do I upload?


    You register an account and then uses the "Create" button that appears at the top right.

    Can I upload any size?


    Easy answer, Yes. However, you might experience errors depending on your internet connection. If you are getting error those are most likely timeouts caused by a slow connection or our site being busy. Try uploading later.

    What if my upload is really big and causes errors?


    If you keep getting errors we recommend that you use an external file service like Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Torrent and then use the add external file function that appears in the upload options. You can also split your file in parts using a compression handler like 7zip.

    Can I upload any game, software and file?


    Yes and no. Games, Software and other files must not be protected by copyright or have no-cd cracks in their content. Uploaded files must be in the formats of zip, 7zip or torrent.

    What if a uploaded file violate copyright laws?


    Freeburners, it's staff and users can not possible know if all uploaded content is protected by copyright. We will always check content reported as copyright violation and will delete any content that is protected by copyright. We appreciate if you report content that you think violate the copyright law, especially if you are the copyright owner.

    Can I upload images?


    Yes. You can upload images and create albums in our gallery.

    Is there a max limit on uploaded images?


    No. You can upload any image size. However, images bigger than 6000 x 4500 pixels will be resized.

    Can I download images and use for personal purpose?


    Yes and no. Images uploaded in the "Stock Photos" category can be used any way you like. Images uploaded in any other category and and where copyright have been added must have the authors approval unless it specifically says how you can use the image.

    Can I upload movies?


    Yes. In our movie sections you can upload movies and use external links to mp4 files. Movies must not be protected by copyright laws. We recommend that movies added are of the Public Domain.

    What is Public Domain?


    The legal term public domain refers to works whose exclusive intellectual property rights have expired, have been forfeited, have been expressly waived, or are inapplicable. For example, the works of Shakespeare and Beethoven, and most early silent films are in the public domain either by virtue of their having been created before copyright existed, or by their copyright term having expired. Some works are not covered by copyright, and are therefore in the public domain.

    See this article on Wikipedia.

    What is your DMCA?


    How do I report content I believe violates copyright laws?


    If you are not the owner of the content then use the built in report function on the specific content. If you are the owner of the content then see this article.

    Can I sell products on your site?


    Yes you can. You may sell digital products if you are it's owner. Freeburners will take a 10% commission for all sold products. This is to pay for server loads, rent and storage.

    You also need to contact us and get your account upgraded to a sellers account.

    If I sell products how do I get payed?


    When you sell a product through our store the amount will be stored in your account until you decide to make a withdrawal. When you withdraw the amount will be transferred to your PayPal account. Yes, you need a PayPal account.


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Freeburners offer pretty much everything that is free. You can find free games, software, stock photos, videos and more. Among our games are classics that require emulators such as DOSBox and ScummVM. Our software section offer everything from image editors to system tools. As a member you can contribute by uploading your own files.